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So I’ve started a new blog over on DreamWidth! Don’t worry, though, nothing’s happening to this one. But I’ve started a new project, and I wanted to give it its own space distinct from what I do here.

On the new blog, I’m sharing my explorations in cultivating and practicing a NeoPagan path based on Phantom which I call Spirit and Voice. It’s a path I’ve practiced in private, though without a name, for a long time on and off. But for a long time it was held back by imposter-syndrome – both about myself, feeling that I didn’t have the expertise to be developing my own path, and about the path itself because it didn’t/doesn’t fit any of the conventional Neo/Pagan molds (reclaiming pre-Christian religions, Earth-based spirituality, Feminist/Women’s spirituality, etc,) – at least not obviously. But lately I’ve felt called and inspired to learn to ditch that and finally start publicly sharing! And after thinking for a while about how to go about doing so, I decided that a blog was the best way for now.

I decided, though, as mentioned above, to make it a separate blog from this one. Because, as I’ve alluded to elsewhere, my own practice of this path is very much part of a ChristoPagan syncretism which is reflected in a lot of my music and the writing I share here. Whereas, I want to present the Spirit and Voice as accessibly and inclusively as possible, because I want it to be open and welcoming to folks of all spiritual orientations whether they’re exclusively Pagan or practice syncretism with other traditions! Because, I want it to be useful and helpful to others struggling with the sense of misfit I did when cultivating relationships with unconventional Sacred Beings. But also, I hope that, in sharing my own endeavours and explorations, I can connect with other Phans interested in developing such a path!

That said, the new blog doesn’t look like much yet. So please bear with me! Just as I did with this site, I’m probably going to have to track down some sighted help to get it looking all spiffy – to put in a good profile-pic and icon and get them looking good. And I don’t know how long it’ll take me to arrange that, especially given coronavirus!! Don’t let the lack of visual pizazz discourage you, though. I’ve already started posting writing there and will post more soon, so do go ahead and check it out!!