So I know I mentioned ages ago that I was working on this. And I finally got it up and published!! Yay!!! I had the content written way back last year. But then formatting it properly for Lulu Press and getting it actually published on their platform was quite a bit more significant a learning curve than I counted on! Hopefully future issues will go more smoothly, though, now that I’ve (more or less) got the hang of it (LOL I think).

It also underwent a name-change in the process. I was originally going to call the overall zine Creature Of Darkness after that awesome line from Phantom – “Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God, give me courage to show you you are not alone!” (Act II scene 9). Because, especially in this first issue, trauma is one of the major themes of the zine. But I ended up making that the title just of the first issue, and changing the overall title to In One Combined – after the line from the title song “Your spirit and my voice in one combined, The Phantom of the Opera is there inside your mind” (Act I scene 4). Because, while trauma definitely remains a key theme, I found I wanted a title for the overall zine that pointed as much toward healing and discovering one’s power. And of course, the title song has always been my favourite!!

Anyhow, as mentioned above, the first issue is now up on Lulu Press. You can find:

the print version at

and the ebook version at

Note. The ebook is significantly cheaper! And it should be fully accessible. I hope! There are no images, only text. And my screen-reader did OK with it when I test-read the first few pages (not withstanding that the Mac OS Books app navigation is a pain in the ass).

Note also, all issues (whenever they come out) will be available to subscribers on my Patreon at the $5 per month level and above, along with other flavours of bonus content as well. You can find me at

I’m planning to do an official launch for the zine (on Zoom of course) later in the summer 🙂 around the time of my 31st Phanniversary. Because, that seems appropriate! But I wanted to go ahead and let folks know it’s out now. Though, caveat, I have no idea how often future issues will come out! It all depends on how often I find time and inspiration to write for them. Though, I suspect that, as with this issue, out-takes from my dissertation will be rich sources of content!

Anyway, I hope folks enjoy the zine and find it interesting/useful. And I hope it opens up new ways of thinking about, imagining, and loving Phantom!!