So once again I know I haven’t updated in a while. There was all the usual end-of-term stuff around getting my final grades done and ready to be sent to the department by my prof, and then I moved half way across the province! We (Mom and I) had actually been thinking about moving for quite a while because where we were was getting really, really unaffordable, but then the new place came up really suddenly! So yeah, the past bunch of months have been something of a mad whirlwind. LOL We only just got the last of the boxes sent off to recycling last night, and there’s still a load or two of bubble-wrap to be disposed of! LOL And I never imagined one could use that much bubble-wrap outside and industrial setting. Wow!! And of course, it’s taken a while to recover (though, actually, I’d say we’re still recovering), and to get settled in and get everything back up and working.

Anyway, I mentioned last time I posted that I was hoping/planning to have an official launch event for my zine. And I’m now delighted to say that it’s actually happening!! It’s on August 10th at 6 PM on Zoom, right in the midst of my 31st Phanniversary week as I’d originally hoped! Which is perfect, because this first issue – Creature Of Darkness – really focusses on my first encounters with POTO and the contexts that set them up to ignite such a powerful, long-lasting obsession. And I’ve got a lovely team of volunteer readers lined up to read a selection of excerpts at the launch, which is really exciting! LOL I decided to do that because, alas, I’m a better writer than a reader, even of my own stuff. So huge thanks to them!

In any case, you can get tickets at the EventBrite link below. It’s PWYC, and half of proceeds are going to be donated to an org doing work on Disability Justice in line with the values of the zine. And hopefully it’ll be a really awesome, fun evening!

Unfortunately, though, the one downer is that I don’t, at this point, have the ability to provide closed-captioning for the event. Really sorry about that!! But it’s set up as a regular Zoom-meeting, and apparently that doesn’t give me the ability to enable CC. Maybe because of my account type? And while it might if I upgraded the event to a webinar, I’m not sure I can afford to do that right now as my finances are still incredibly shot after the giant move! If anyone knows a cheap/free work-around for that, though, please get in touch? That’d be enormously helpful as I don’t want to be inaccessible if I can help it!!

Anyhow, that not withstanding, and hopefully with a solution found soon if possible, it’s shaping up to be a really exciting event. I’m enormously looking forward to it, and I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing folks there!