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πŸ™‚ First of all, nope, I don’t do love spells. Rather, Liberation Gothic love magic is the spiritual and political orientation that shapes my spiritual and magical practices, my academic work and my creative work, and that I write about here. It’s an orientation that has its roots, as you’ll see from my stuff, in my life-long love of The Phantom Of The Opera – especially the #BrilliantOriginal Andrew Lloyd Webber stage-musical – and my ChristoPagan approach to that relationship.

So, then, I have three main, on-going creative projects apart from my academic work, though I’m sure others will follow. They are:

My podcast – In This Labyrinth: Touching the Heart of The Phantom Of The Opera (currently on extended hiatus for major renovations.).

I discuss Phantom in all its brilliance! And I often explore the story through Disability-centred intersectionality. I talk a lot about the Lloyd Webber musical obviously, because its especially rich and brilliant. But I talk about other incarnations of the story too, including Phanfiction!

My YouTube channel – Spirit And Voice.

Here, I share my music – mostly covers, but hopefully some original songs, too. It’s also where I share my developing ChristoPagan spirituality and practice.

My (forthcoming) Audio-zine – Where Night Is Blind.

I originally conceived of this project as a print zine, but realized it would work much better for me as a spoken-word project. Also, the title’s still provisional. In any case, it’s an autoethnographic project where I explore Phantom, Phanship, trauma, spirituality, magic and theatre/the arts.

In addition to the above, I also read Tarot. See the Tarot And Voice sub-page of this site for details. So do drop me a contact if you’re interested!

So those are my main projects and activities. And you can also, of course, follow me on my various social media. I’m @Phantom_magick on Twitter and @phantom_magick on Instagram, and my podcast is @ITLPodcast on Twitter. And I hope you enjoy all my offerings!